For fairytale lovers (magical shoes included): the Enchanted, Inc series by Shanna Swendson

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As a child I loved fairytales. My favourite one, that my mom had to read to me every evening , was Rapunzel. Maybe that is why I never had short hair. Wouldn't want to keep the prince out of my life. Although, I didn't have much luck in that department so far. And maybe Cinderella is where my love for shoes originated from.

Back to reading, I used to have a big pile of fairytale books and when I was too old to be read to, I used to reread that whole pile every summer. I still have the books, but somewhere along the line I stopped rereading them. Something to put on my to do list.

But my love for fairytales didn't waver. Only there aren't too many adult books that have a touch of fairytale magic without being set in a complete fantasy world. (btw: Of course I have read and enjoyed Harry Potter.) Enter the Enchanted, Inc series by Shanna Swendson. What I love most about these books is that they incorporate fairytale elements but are set in New York, a decade ago. Somewhere I read: 'Sex and the City meets Harry Potter' and that was enough to get me really curious.

© a fashion girl
The main character Katie Chandler is a magical immune. Someone magic hasn't got any effect on whatsoever. In the first book she goes off to work for a magical company that produces spells. That is the start of nine - dare I use the word - enchanting books. Katie falls in love with a wizard, gets caught in the elven realm, goes undercover in the magical mafia, wears a pair of special shoes (shoes again - my weak spot), meets her fairy godmother and much more. Even though Katie isn't my spirit animal - she isn't a fashion lover for example or doesn't like fancy restaurants - I loved exploring the magical world with her and am sad to see the series finished.

The writing style is very relaxed and easy. The books aren't deeply serious or thought provoking. If that is what you are looking for, these books aren't for you. But if you used to love fairytales as a kid and would enjoy to discover new magical, light-hearted and charming books, these are a must read. I have reread all the books - some multiple times - that is how much I enjoy them. They always cheer me up.

I read the first book of the series in Dutch (De tovernaar op het witte paard) but the other eight books weren't translated. You can still buy them on, Amazon, iBooks....

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You can read more about the series on the author's website:


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