I have never worn as little clothes as the past year - stylish sleepwear in corona times

© a fashion girl - sleepwear by Oysho

I have never been dressed less than this year. Corona is the culprit. Before you all think I opted for a naturist lifestyle, let me clarify: I mean day clothes. At home I almost always wear my sleepwear. I have been working from home since March and hardly coming out since the general face mask obligation, so you do the math.  And now I am tired of it (strangely fitting for sleepwear). Corona took away my fashion fun.

At first I didn't think being at home a lot was a punishment. I like reading and relaxing in front of the tv, drinking a prosecco or gin in the garden. I wasn't bored at all. I did all those things in my sleepwear. I like fashion and dressing up, but don't do it at home. But the last couple of years I did invest in nicer sleepwear. Hello, Oysho and Twin-Set (also thank you, Yoox). So I haven't let myself go completely (I also do make-up regularly btw). I have to admit I also had an ulterior motive in buying nicer sleepwear. My reasoning was as follows: assuming my single status wouldn't last and assuming that I would keep wearing sleepwear at home, I had to make sure I still looked attractive for my partner. I was being optimistisc cause until today that partner has remained fictitious.



© a fashion girl - sleepwear by Oysho


But now I am tired of always wearing my PJ's. I harldy go oustide because I have a lot of difficulties with the obligated face mask. My clothes hang uselessly in my closet and my shoes remain dormant in their boxes. I miss dressing up and going for a drink or to a restaurant, and even just going to work. Sure, I can still do those things but the mask sucks the fun out of it for me - sorry local merchants.  And for me a mask isn't - and will never be - a fashion accessory. It's the thing I just want to take off. Like that famous Coco Chanel quote: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." But that isn't allowed now. 

I could dress up at home, but that gives me less joy and more work. My sleepwear is a lot more maintenance friendly. Online shopping gave me some fashion fun. But recently I decided to do a shop stop, to start enjoying what I own more. But also here corona is a spoilsport. I take comfort in knowing that timeless pieces will still be enjoyable after this pandemic.

I am hoping from some improvement, a glimmer of hope for less strict rules. Until then I am staying in as much as possible - in my sleepwear. But I do have a goal in the mean time. To enjoy my clothes, they have to fit, and - once again because of corona - that isn't always the case anymore. Hurray for shoes and accessories :-). So as a step to fashion enjoyment, right now I'll start focussing on eating better and using my mini-step at home. Those things I can do while staying in.

Just one little addition: I do understand that corona is serious and that we have to be careful but the rules - which are quite long term - don't take in account the mental wellbeing and the athorities can't give a lot of perspective which makes it even more difficult. (Corona is also not very helpful to work on the single status btw.)


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