Cause life (and style) is about more than just clothes

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I started my blog with the intention to share my passion for beautiful clothes with like-minded people. You have to dress every day, so fashion is an important aspect of your life - whether you want it or not. And a nice outfit makes my day more beautiful, both literally and figuratively. But there are a lot more (life)style related things that I enjoy and that I want to share.

My colleagues once asked me to describe my interests in three words. I chose: aesthetics (fashion included), humor and food. I also love reading -  preferably in bath, enjoy good food and culture (from stand-up comedy to paintings by René Magritte) and can totally lose myself in a good TV series or movie. I also try to enjoy the little daily moments: when using my skincare for example or when playing Scrabble with my mom while enjoying a glass of prosecco.

That's why from now on I want to share more on my blog than fashion alone. Although fashion will remain a recurrent theme. Something with a leopard and its spots :-)

Especially in these difficult times the little things that can make you happy (at home) are so important. And I will give my blog a new impulse trying to inspire you all from my own home. 

'a fashion girl & more'


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