Discover fashion city Antwerp with a treasure hunt

Nog tot 15 september kan je modestad Antwerpen ontdekken met de wandelzoektocht van Sodipa . Om de wandeling uit te stippelen werden tips gevraagd aan a fashion girl. De macaron-tip bijvoorbeeld, die komt van mij - what did you expect? Terwijl deelnemers langs bekende topadressen en verborgen pareltjes wandelen, moeten ze vragen oplossen. Wie het formulier inlevert, maakt kans op leuke prijzen. Hieronder kan je het interview lezen dat ik gedaan heb voor Sodipa. Praktische info over de zoektocht vind je hier op de site van Uit in Vlaanderen.

Until the 15th of September you can discover fashion city Antwerp with a treasure hunt by Sodipa. To plan the fashion walk through Antwerp Sodipa asked a fashion girl for some tips. The macaron-mention for example,is mine - what did you expect? While particapants walk past well-known addresses and hidden gems, they have to answer questions. When they return the completed form, they can win nice prices. Below you can read the interview I did with Sodipa (you can find the English version below the pictures). You can find practical information about the treasure hunt here, on the site of 'Uit in Vlaanderen'.

Het interview

The interview
A fashion girl starts the interview with a quote by Vivienne Westwood: "Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well."

This quote summarizes perfectly what fashion means to me. It is a part of my life. In the morning I feel better when I have put on my make up and when I am dressed. It makes me feel good all day long - just asVivienne Westwood says it gives me pleasure. I always choose what I am going the wear the evening before in order not to loose too much time in the morning. But last minute changes are always possible - when it suddenly starts snowing for example.

I have been fascinated by clothes since I was very young. When I played with my Barbies as a kid I used the cabinet as a shoe display and played shoe store with my dolls. As a true Disney fan I wore clothes by Donaldson in my youth. But since then my style has seriously evolved.

When I was a student in Antwerp I became more and more interested in fashion. I discovered the Antwerp designers and their bi-annual stocksales - that are now called the Contemporary Fashion Days. It was a revelation that I could by designer clothes there with a limited budget. Antwerp also has a few very good second-hand stores where you can buy designer clothes at a reasonable price. When you are here, you must visit Ann-vers. This store sells high-end second-hand clothes and the owner is really friendly. You don't have to be afraid to enter the more expensive boutiques either. Most of the staff is really helpful and sometimes you can find real bargains, especially during the end of the sales period. Even when you can't buy anything the stores are worth a visit to find fashion inspiration and to admire the often wonderful architecture.

During the walk you simply must visit Ladurée in the Schuttershofstraat. Their macarons are the treat of choice for fashionistas all over the world. Each year Ladurée creates a limited special flavour in collaboration with a designer that is sold in a fashionable box. My personal favorite is the bubblegum-macaron by Lanvin.

Fashion is subjective. And that is the fun part about Antwerp. There are lots of addresses for everyone's taste and budget. Lately more and more stores for men are opening. I am happy that men are no longer forgotten fashionwise. So men, you can no longer say shopping is only for women!

To end the interview an important tip:"When shopping you always have to ask yourself the question if the item you want to buy is more beautiful than what you are already wearing and own - or at least just as beautiful. If the answer is no, put it back. You will sooner wear what you already own because you like that more. And the new piece would just be hanging in your closet"

The addresses:
- Ann-vers, Mechelsesteenweg 10, 2000 Antwerpen
- Ladurée Macarons, Schuttershofstraat 51, 2000 Antwerpen


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